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Physical and mental pleasure, seat comfort ——SK3098

2021-11-30 10:47:26

Mental and Physical Wellbeing

身心愉悦   座享舒适

      无论是符合人体工程学的外形还是高性能的功能在座椅设计中始终将人体的健康舒适放在首位。沉闷的工作环境被新的工作形式取代,创新的想法后出不穷、专注的工作变得更加高效.No matter from the ergonomic design or from the function, seat design always puts health and comfort at first, Boring work environment will replace by new work form, thoughts will be nore creative and work will be more efficiency.


雅致舒适  挚诚协作

Added Comfort for True Collboration

     舒适感和满足感对于增强办公场所的强大协作是至关重要的。悦派的设计简洁德固,轻盈柔美,能让您持续保持愉悦的心情,乐享工作。在整个工作日里悦派与您相伴,为协作和互动提供坚实可靠的基础。Comfort and satisfaction are important to enhance the strong collaboration in public places. Simple and elegant design make you feel happy and enjoy the work. Happy mood will stay with you and provide a reliable foundation of collaboration and interaction in every working days.

     作为一款简而不凡的实用型办公椅,传递的是一种积极的,可以激励人心的影响力。SK3098通过人体工学设计,引入自重倾仰机构,无需调节即可享受舒适坐感。提供舒适、高效的办公环境,提升员工能动力,成就企业发展的E基础。 As a simple but extraordinary chair, it can pass a positive attitude and inspiring human. SK3098, according to the ergonomic design with selfweighting mechanism, you can enjoy the comfortable seat without adjustment. Provide Comfort and high efficiency working environment , improve employees motivation,achieve a solid foundation for enterprise development.


随心工作   尽享舒适

Work casually and enjoyable

      SK3098的设计能适应您在一天中工作模式的改变。具备审美气质的靠背和头枕可随意调节以适应您的个人喜好。它提供了人体工学的强化,支持您的每一个动作,防止背部肌肉的疼痛。SK3098具有125度的倾仰角度,让您能够进行轻松的工作或在午休时打个盹。SK3098 design can be adapting your work patterns. Backrest and headrest can be movable accardinaly to human using habits . It provides the best enhancement of ergonomics, supports every movement you make, and prevents back muscle pain. SK3098 With 125 degrees tilting angle, it can make you more comfortable while work or you can take a nap during lunch break time. 



The best partner for ergonomics

     经过一天的长时间工作后, SK3098办公就是您最亲密的工作伙伴,每个设计细节都包含著人体工学的元素,让你贴心感受最舒适的坐姿。The best partner of ergonomicsSK3098 is your best close partner during whEvery design detail contains ergonomic elehave the best feeling when you sit. 


Fashionable mesh chair with breathable mesh, beautiful cuting, fashionable color;Synchronized mechanism with super angle.



comfortable and beautiful


SK3098 has beautiful and fashionable design, provide comfortable feelina for team cooperation. Its dexterous appearance can be perfectly matching any private or open space use. Breathable mesh and adjustable lumbar support can be supported our back perfectly and soothe fatique, It's suitable for boardrooms, executive meetings, formal and informal spaces. 


The beauty of mixing color

    丰富多样的色彩选择,塑造个性化座椅混搭之美,完全切合设计创新的办公空间解决方案。跃想办公座椅揉合了人体工学的设计与美学价值,有助您持久地专注工作,舒缓压力,以保持身心健康,让您轻松地处理公务时集中精神,焕发活力Variety of color choices shapes the beauty of Color mixing and personalized design.perfect match the solution of creative office space. Our office chairs Integrate ergonomic design and aesthetic values, help you focus on your work and relieve stress to maintain physical and mental health. Let you focus on your work.


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